About London Psychiatrist

London Psychiatrist aims to offer an excellent service to patients suffering from psychological problems. The practice is run by Dr Krishnendu (Krish) Nandy.

Dr Nandy’s private secretary is available 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays (excluding bank holidays) to answer any call. Please leave message if she is unabe to take your call.

Dr Nandy will aim to answer all enquiries ( non urgent ) from patients or carers/families within 48 hours (2 business days). In case of urgent advice patients or families may call him on 079 323 18900.

Dr Nandy has clinics at various private hospitals throughout the week.

Please contact his secretary to book appointments.

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Information for GP’s

To make a referral for a private consultation

Please provide patient's contact details. Following the receipt of your referral my secretary will contact your patient to arrange an appointment. Alternately please give the referral letter to your patient and advise your patient to ring the particular hospital's appointment line to book an appointment.

You may also contact me by sending me an e mail - drnandy@londonpsychiatrist.co.uk For emergencies please contact me on my mobile on 079 323 189 00.

Once I see your patient I shall keep you informed about their treatment and progress. If you have any concern about your patient please contact me on my mobile. If I initiate any treatment I will issue a private prescription. If your patient requests NHS prescription I shall advise them to discuss the matter with you. If your patient requests their care to be transferred to the NHS I shall promptly inform you and request you to refer your patient to the local NHS unit. But I am unable to transfer a private patient to my own NHS clinic.